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  • 26-27 October
  • The Timber Yard
  • Sold Out

The ecommerce market in Australia is one of the biggest in the world, and online purchases in the country are growing by double-digits year over year. That makes Melbourne an ideal place for developers to come together to talk about the unique opportunities that the region offers. Join us at Shopify Unite Melbourne to network with local developers, meet with Shopify staff, and help build the future of ecommerce in Australia and beyond.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dion Almaer

    Dion Almaer

    VP Engineering, DX, Shopify

    Dion Almaer is a VP of Engineering leading the Shopify developer experience and working to ensure developer success on Shopify. He has worked on developer products and platforms throughout his career, working at startups and BigTech companies such as Google, Hewlett-Packard and Palm, Walmart Labs, and Mozilla.
  • Tracy Kaur

    Tracy Kaur

    Senior Launch Engineer, Shopify

    Tracy Kaur is a Senior Launch Engineer working in the Technology Services team at Shopify. Having onboarded over 200 merchants, Tracy now works with high profile strategic enterprise brands on Shopify. Her focus is on system integrations, data migration, and providing technical direction to help launch stores on Shopify as quickly and smoothly as possible!
  • Scott Dixon

    Scott Dixon

    Developer Advocate, Shopify

    Scott Dixon is a Developer Advocate at Shopify, located on the east coast of Australia. Formerly a Shopify App Developer and Developer Bootcamp Coach, Scott works closely with the Hydrogen team enabling custom storefront developers to build dynamic, fast and flexible headless ecommerce experiences. When he’s not tinkering with code you’ll find him checking the surf or hanging out with his family.


Showing agenda for 26 October

Schedule for 26 October

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Main Stage

We're kicking off the return of Shopify Unite with a journey through our product releases and platform evolution. Join our community and product leaders, as we share how developers around the world are extending Shopify to make commerce better for everyone.


Office Hours


Track 1: Shopify Talks (30 min. each)

Shopify Dev Tools to Improve Your App Building Process
Main Stage

Improving the developer experience for building apps is a top priority for Shopify. In this talk you'll learn about the latest improvements made to Shopify's developer tooling built to support you through the entire development process like; Polaris and the CLI 3.0, and get a sneak peak of what Shopify plans to work towards in the future.

Building Powerful Checkout Customizations with Checkout Extensibility
  • Dawn HernandezSolutions Engineer, Shopify
Main Stage

Shopify's new Checkout Extensibility features provide a range of powerful new ways to customize Shopify's checkout. This talk will outline the key components that make up checkout extensibility, how they interact with each other, and when to use each feature to help you. You'll leave with a better understanding of the checkout extensibility landscape and how to use it to build the next generation of customized checkout experiences for merchants.

Track 2: Guided Workshops (60 min.)

Learning Liquid Through Building Theme Sections
Workshop 1

This workshop is for developers looking to learn how to work with Liquid and make customizations to existing themes. In this practical session, we'll explore how to create theme sections, and blocks, and enhance themes by implementing new features. We'll also explore how our new Liquid documentation makes it easier for developers to learn how to leverage this templating language.

See workshop prerequisites here



Track 1: Shopify Talks (30 min. each)

The State of Shopify Theme Development
Main Stage

Building on what was shared on Shopify Editions we'll talk about Shopify's vision for Liquid and themes. We'll also cover theme-related tooling and example workflows to help you level up your theme development game. Whether you're an experienced theme developer or just getting started this talk is for developers keen on getting more out of theme development.

High Performance Headless Storefronts With Hydrogen
Main Stage

Hydrogen has been built to power headless storefronts that are both performant and dynamic, traditionally competing priorities. In this talk, we'll dig into the recent advances in web technologies that allow Hydrogen to achieve incredible performance scores. Through the power of streaming, React Server Components and edge-rendering, Hydrogen enables custom storefront developers to build fast and dynamic ecommerce experiences.

Track 2: Guided Workshops (60 min.)

Creating Custom Shopify Checkout Experiences with Checkout UI Extensions
Workshop 1

For the first time, developers can create Checkout customizations. This workshop will cover the core concepts behind building with Checkout UI extensions, including; generating extensions with the Shopify CLI, choosing extension points, using the Checkout UI component library, persisting data to metafields, and controlling navigation. To get the most out of this workshop participants should have experience with GraphQL, Node.js and React.

See workshop prerequisites here



Track 1: Shopify Talks (30 min. each)

Customize Your Store's Business Logic with Shopify Functions
Main Stage

Shopify Functions allows merchants to finally unlock their backend business logic. This talk will cover why Shopify Functions was created; what technology powers Functions; and how to get started building your first Function including what APIs are available to customize; and what resources you can use to jumpstart development.

Make Your App Stand Out Using Our Latest Design Guidelines
    Main Stage

    Looking for actionable ideas on how to improve your apps? Our App Design Guidelines (ADGs) give you well-defined principles that you can use to make your app stand out. In this talk, we'll go over why we created them, what they are, and show examples to help you better understand the ADGs and why to follow them.

    Track 2: Guided Workshops (60 min.)

    Effective Ways to Improve Your Online Store Performance
    • Darryn SoperTechnical Partner Advocate, Shopify
    Workshop 2

    When it comes to storefront performance, you no longer need to settle for “acceptable”. Leveraging modern browser technologies and recent Shopify features, it's possible to have an Online Store and have it perform well too! In this workshop, we will dig into some theme code, identify areas for improvement, and then develop the code to improve the store's speed score and the user experience.

    See workshop prerequisites here



    Track 1: Shopify Talks (30 min. each)

    What Merchants in APAC Need– Opportunities for Developers
      Main Stage

      Coming soon

      Track 2: Guided Workshops (60 min.)

      Build a Product Page with Hydrogen
      Workshop 1

      Get hands-on with Hydrogen, a React-based framework for building headless storefronts. Hydrogen is built for Shopify commerce with all the features you need for a production-ready storefront. It provides a quick start, build-fast environment so you can focus on the fun stuff: building unique commerce experiences. In this workshop, we'll scaffold a new storefront and rapidly build a product page.

      See workshop prerequisites here

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      The Timber Yard

      351 Plummer St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia
      A stylized view of the Timber Yard

      Built on the philosophy of recycling, up-cycling, and bringing people together for amazing events, the Timber Yard is one of Melbourne's premier meeting venues. Once used as a site for drying lumber and furniture making, the Timber Yard has been restored and now features 6,000 square meters of indoor and outdoor space.

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