Frequently Asked Questions

Are there special hotel rates for attendees?

All of our partner hotels have sold out. We're working to find more deals and will update this page as soon as more reduced-rate rooms are added.

Can I help in any way? Do you need more speakers?

Thanks for your interest! Get in touch with your regular Shopify contact or visit the Contact page to let us know what you would like to speak about, or what content you would like to see.

What type of skill sets should be attending the conference?

Unite provides value to many skill sets including web designer, developer, marketer, business development, sales, agency leads and more.

How many tickets can I purchase?

We’ve implemented a limit of four tickets per company to allow as many partners as possible to attend Unite. If you’d like to discuss additional tickets, please contact your regular Shopify contact.

I will need a visa in order to travel to Canada for the conference. Can Shopify help with this?

Shopify can help by providing a letter of invitation to Unite that you can use for your visa application. Contact your regular Shopify contact for details.

I purchased tickets for my colleagues, but my name is on both tickets. How do I update them?

If you purchase a ticket for a colleague you will have the option to complete ticket information at checkout or send the ticket to your colleague by email. Your colleague will then receive an email to complete their ticket information. All required ticket holder information must be submitted prior to arriving onsite for ticket to be issued.

When should I arrive for the conference?

Full conference programming will occur on May 8 & 9, but we encourage you to take advantage of additional programming on May 7

What meals will Shopify provide at the conference?

Lunch will be served in addition to snacks and refreshments throughout the day.